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Our Story


Hi! I’m Maan, maker of The Soap Story PH. Born & raised in Cavite, Philippines, My story began with a simple testimony :


I was looking for something homemade that did not contain all the chemicals I was reading on our daily bar of soap. My now 5-year-old has struggled with skin rashes since birth and this became our answered prayer & dream soap that eases his skin and not harsh at all.

Turning a 1 year experiment with soap making into an artisan brand that creates unique, soap for those who want more from their shower, has been the life changing journey over the past 5 years.

The Soap Story produces mindfully crafted soaps and other bath & body essentials with the highest quality natural, and plant derived ingredients that leave your skin feeling divinely nourished and your senses alive. 


Locally & lovingly crafted at our studio in the heart of Cavite, each batch reflects our commitment to originality, passion & sophistication. Our eco-friendly process, minimal packaging & charitable giving mean you can enjoy handcrafted natural luxury while contributing to a better world. 


I hope you'll join The Soap Story on our journey of growth & expansion. And I hope The Soap Story products are with you on every step of your journey to keep you clean, your skin feeling heavenly, and your senses enlivened by the aromatherapy of each bar. 


Elevate your experience!

Love, Maan

The journey

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