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Mandarin cold pressed oil is a common ingredient to a lot of products that intends to achieve a fragrant smell. It has a strong and sweet scent but comes out fresh to invigorate the senses.



Since this oil is versatile. It can blend well with a wide variety of oils. This is used as the top note for the scents that has a citrus, earthy, woodsy and minty among other oils.



Mandarin Cold Pressed oil has an outstanding antioxidant properties. It has antiseptic properties that promotes quick healing on your skin.

Mandarin (Cold Pressed)

  • Botanical Name: Citrus Nobilis

    Origin: Italy

    Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed

    Extracted from: untreated fruit peel

    Scent : sweet citrus

    Color & Consistency:  consistency is light and has orange color

    Note: Top note

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