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You can now make your own soaps at the comforts of your home, in your most convenient time.


We made sure that all the ingredients and tools we curated together are premium quality, no single use plastic, and eco-friendly.


This Kit is for those people who wants to make soap as a hobby, gift giving, or start a soap business but have no time attending classes or making test batches.


About this kit:


  • formulated with ingredients that are good for oily and acne-prone skin
  • pre-weighed premium ingredients
  • Can make an output of 5 soap bars



Kit includes:


-heavy duty square soap silicone mold (500 ml capacity)


- soap cutter


- heat resistant spatula


-2 reusable measuring pitcher


-450 ml Premium Blend Organic Carrier oil (our personal tried and tested blend)


- 1 packet sodium hydroxide


- 1 pack natural additive


- 1 pack natural colorant


-15 ml pure essential oil (tea tree)


- step-by-step intructional manual of making this Tea Tree Soap


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