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great for oily and acne prone skin.


I read a lot of good things about Activated Bamboo charcoal and Tea Tree Oil, that is why I decided to make one. I am acne prone myself, and Activated charcoal did wonders for me. It draws out dirt to the surface of the skin. It practically, detoxifies the skin! Tea Tree on the other hand is one of the best essential oils that has high anti-bacterial properties. I sure heard a lot of stories of people who use this this and finally managed to get rid of their body acne. Well, to see is to believe, so why don't you try it 😉

Valley of the Shadow

SKU: BS004
  • Saponified Premium Organic Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Food grade Activated Bamboo Charcoal,

    Pure essential oils of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil.


    Our Soaps are Palm-free and Cruelty-free. Made in small batches with the purest and premium ingredients.

    Handcrafted in The Philippines

    100 grams

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